Things to Do

Things to Do

Things to Do in Madrid

There are pretty many things to explore and do in Madrid and staying here wouldn't get boring for a a couple of months. But we would like to present you some of the most interesting and typical things to do in Madrid. If you are looking for museums, please check the sections Sports & Culture.

  • Tapas in La Latina: After arriving in Madrid you are probably hungry and would like to eat something. La Latina is maybe the best neighbourhood in Madrid to find a good tapas bar as there are lots of them. You will identify the popular places within seconds as it's hard to get a seat there.

  • San Francisco El Grande Basilica: In La Latina you will also find the beautifully restored domes, which is one of the world's largest. If you are looking for Goya's depiction of St Bernardino of Siena, you will find it in the first chapel at the left hand side.

  • Plaza Mayor: Plaza Mayor was once a market square and became the old town hub in the 17th century. In the northern part of the square there is the Casa de la Panaderia, that was built in the 16th century but refurbished from time to time until 1992. The name Casa de la Panaderia refers to the bakery that once was on the ground floor. On Sundays a coin and stamp market takes place on the Plaza Mayor.

  • Royal Palace: This palace, called Palacio Real by the Spanish, is a masterpiece of neoclassical architecture. It was built by the Italian architects Juvarra and Sacchetti, you will find it in the Old Town. Officialy it's the residence of the royal family but they don't use it for living there anymore. When there are important state ceremonies, the royals take place in this palace.

  • Palacio Longoria: Nowadays this building is home to the Society of Spanish Writers and Editors and it's an example of Catalan modernism, a very rare sight in Madrid. It can be found in the Chueca neighborhood and was build in the years 1902 to 1904 by the architect José Grases Riera.

  • Buen Retiro Park: The people of Madrid just call it El Retiro, this is one of the largest parks in Madrid and belonged to the Spanish royal family until the late 19th century, when it was made a public park. Wheter you are looking to gor running, for a romantic strow or you would like to row with your children, this is a great place to go. There are also frequent indoor and outdoor art exhibitions in this place as well as many activities for children and their parents.

  • San Antonio de la Florida Hermitage: you will find it next to the river Manzanares in central Madrid, the Spanish name for this beautiful 18th-century chapel is Real Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida. It is a Neoclassical chapel whose ceiling frescos showing a miracle by Saint Anthony of Padua are one of Goya's greatest and most famous work. Goya was also buried in this place.

If you would like to experience Flamenco, our Madrid by Night & Flamenco Tour would be the perfect choice for you!

And last but not least you shouldn't miss to visit one of Madrid's parties as they are famous all over Europe. There are lots of clubs and bars worth a visit with different types of music, from jazz to rock partys and electro parties or whatever comes to your mind - you will find it in Madrid!

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