Getting Around in Madrid

Getting Around in Madrid

Getting Around in Madrid

To make it easier for you to get around in Madrid, we would like to provide you with useful information regarding the transportation systems in Madrid.

Barajas Airport

When you will arrive in Madrid, it will probably be the Barajas Airport (full name: Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport), whose IATA Code is "MAD". It's located in the nort of Madrid and about 13 kilometers away from the city center of Madrid, here you can find it on a map.

It has five Terminals, three of them, the Terminals 1 (orange), 2 (green) and 3 (red) are in one bulding and the Terminals 4 and 4s are located in a different building, that are connected to the other building with shuttle busses.

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Next to the Terminal 2 and 4 you will find the Metro Station with the line 8, where the trains depart every 4 minutes from 6:00 am to 2:00 am. The journey to the city centre of Madrid will least approximately 13 minutes, please see the paragraph below for more information regarding this topic


If you would like to communte inside of Madrid a cheap and easy way to do this, is the Metro. If you need a map of the Madrid Metro, you will find it here. You can find the airport in the north-eastern part of Madrid (and the map).

The current prices you will find here.There are also some special tickets for tourists, you can choose, if you want a 1, 2, 3, 5 or 7 day ticket, which also include the drive to and from the Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport

Private Transfers and Shuttles

Our Private Transfers and Shuttles would be a good choice for you if you like it more comfortable and less crowded. Enjoy our door-to-door service where you'll be driven directly to your point of destination or the closest possible if there is no availability to stop right next to it like in a pedestrian street for example. Please just contact us if you need to go somewhere else than from the airport to your hotel.


Of course Madrid as the center and capital of Spain also offers getting to Madrid by train. From the two main stations Atocha and Chamartin depart different kinds of trains, Mid-Distance, Long-Distance and also High Speed and suburban trains. So it's not only possible to go anywhere in the country but you can also reach Losbon or Marseille from there.

General Maps

The Official Madrid Tourism website provides you with all maps needed, you can download them here if you prefer to have them on your mobile device rather than carrying a map with you all the time.

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