Festivals & Events

Festivals & Events

Festivals and Events in Madrid


  • Cavalcade of the Three Kings: On 5th and 6th of January the three kings Caspar, Balthasar and Melchior walk trough the streets throwing candy to the children and adults lining the way. At Plaza Mayor, where the pageant ends, the children and their parents can enjoy theatre plays or can play games.


  • ARCO - Feria Internacional de ARte COntemporáneo: The ARCO is the an international contemporary art fair held at the IFEMA Exhibition center every year. The main focus is on spreading and strengthening recognition of the latest artistic trends. The ARCO also plays an important role in researching and integration of arts. It takes place in the middle of February and is one of most important art fairs in Europe.


  • Madrid Science Fair: The fair was born in 2000 and is one of the main projects in Spain to increase the public awareness of science. It is a project to approach science to the general public, to present research through an interesting and motivating event and to show how science influences the economical development


  • Festimad: This is an annual alternative hard rock and hip-hop festival, that was born in 1995, it usually takes place in the last week of May. The line-up consists of Spanish and international bands. The venue is at the Parque la Cantuena and the festival is Spain's main rock festival. For more information please visit their website.


  • Suma Flamenca Festival: This flamenco festival takes place avery year and features some of the top names in singing, dancing and playing the guitar. Up to ten districts all over Madrid host a range of flamenco shows for more than four weeks. Every visitor in town should at least once join one of these shows and see the big stars and newcomers of flamenco. To get more information, just visit their website.
  • Madrid Book Fair: The Feria del Libro de Madrid that first took place in the year 1933 is a place to discover new books or meet your favorite writers. It is situated in the Retiro park and the more than 200 stalls are set up along the Paseo de Carruajes where you can buy the books you want for a very good price and even get them signed from the authors, the next date you will find here.
  • Music in Retiro Park: In June, July and in August there is music on every sunday at the bandstand in the Retiro Park


  • Virgen del Carmen: The days in the mid of July are dedicated to the Virgen del carmen, there are many festive, religious and even sportive events taking place in this time of the year. On sundday the naval battle of Vallecas takes place, it is a giant water fight in the district Vallecas.


  • Castizo Fiestas: The feast days of San Cayetano, La Virgen de la Paloma and San Loreno are celebrated with traditional fiestas in the districts La Latina and Lavapies. The center of the event is taking place in the Church of la Paloma, but there are smaller events taking place all over the town
  • El Original Flamenco Festival: At this annual flamenco festival there are lots of large-scale shows, chamber recitals and dance courses from visiting artists taking place. In the past years there were artists like Pilar Ogalla, Annie Lennox and Andrés Peña at the festival.
  • Veranos de la Villa: The vibrant culture of Madrid is celebrated as there are many live music performances in traditional genres shown. The genres include everything between opera and flamenco, so if you are a fan of traditional music, this would be the festival to visit.


  • Dcode Festival: If you are a fan of modern arts and music this would be the festival for you to choose, it takes place over two days and started in 2011. The genres of the fesitival are very different, but the focus is more or less on rock and indie music. There are also many exhibitions and demonstrations of modern visual art. The venue where it takes place is the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, for more information, here is their website.
  • Festibike: AT this international bike festival there are lots of activities and competitions to either take place in or just visit and a huge exhibition area.The Festibike first took place in 2001and you will experience everything from new bike models to bikers showing their skills.


  • Festival Mundo Idiota: This is a one-week punk festival held in October every year since 2008. The variety of punk music is pretty large and so is the veriety of the festival.
  • Festival de Otono: The Autumn Festival is a one month festival thats consists of musical, theatrical and dance performances from artists famous all over the world. You can experience ballet from companies from France, UK and of course Spain, Shakespearean plays and dance


  • Madrid International Jazz Festival: Since the beginning of the 80s this international Jazz festival takes place in more than a dozen clubs with more than 20 performers from all over the worls. So if you are a fan of this music genre, this would be a great time for you to visit the capital of Spain.


  • Christmas market Plaza Mayor: This is the largest christmas market all over Madrid and probably all over the country in the center of Madrid. It starts in the middle of December and continues uo to the 31st since 150 years. There are more than 100 stalls selling anything related to Christmas like Christmas trees, decorations, ornate statues, materials for buildig cribs.
  • New Year's Eve: On New Year's Eve at midnight you should definitively be to the Puerta de Sol, Madrid's main square where most of the people celebrate. Spain has the tradition to eat 12 raisins at the same time the clock strikes 12. This tradition dates back to the year 1909, when there was a surplus of grapes during the year's harvest, so the wine industry had to find a creative idea to sell them, so this tradition was actually invented by the wine industry. The celebration at the Puerta del Sol is shown on televison all over the country.
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