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We are a tour operator and a travel company, - a team of enthusiasts, dedicating our efforts to make your stay in the Iberian peninsula as pleasant as possible. Individual and group trips around Spain, events in Barcelona and Madrid, accommodation, transfers and much-much more! Please contact us for insider tips. Our main office located in Barcelona.

The Iberica Travel Group

Coming from a background of traveling and working in the tourism industry for many years, we are an enthusiastic and professional crew that is passionate about tourism in Spain.

We perfectly understand the needs of people who are traveling abroad to a country with different culture, language and customs.

Our heritage

Our name is derived from the Iberian Peninsula, a name given to this most western part of Europe by the Romans, more than 2000 years ago. This ancient Roman province of Iberia consisted of the lands that today form the countries of Spain and Portugal.

After Roman times, the Arabs were the next to leave their footprint on the Iberian Peninsula. And around 500 years ago, during the golden age of discoveries, Spain and Portugal have been the two richest and most powerful nations in the world. This changeful history is the reason, why these lands have got such an immensely rich cultural heritage.

The Mediterranean meets the Atlantic and the diverse Iberian culture meets beautiful beaches. Add world-class cities like Barcelona, Madrid or Lisbon and the passionate life-style of the locals and you have got the most popular holiday destination of Europe: Welcome to Spain and Portugal!

Our mission

Our focus is quality tourism. Travelers who have once been to Spain are coming back over and over again. Thus we try to make tourism socially and ecologically sustainable. So you will enjoy coming back as millions of other fans of the Iberian Peninsula before.

With this in mind, at Iberica Travel we have always paid special attention to maintaining a proactive mindset concerning responsible travel and tourism. For example, all our airport transfers are carbon neutral: for the amount of CO² that is emitted by transporting a passenger, we are investing into carbon offset programs. Like this, these airport transfers do not contribute to the greenhouse effect and global warming.

There is an endless list of opportunities to experience in Spain and get lost within the local culture. Let us provide you with the proper tools to see this truly unforgettable destination from a local’s perspective.

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